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Join me every night at 4PM CET on Twitch to see me freak out about how bad I am at video games and blame everyone else except myself. Obviously…

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Badass Gamers Club is the social community for YOU

BGC was created in 2017 as a community to connect all those people who struggle to game after work. Fast forward to 2022 and the community has grown exponentially – on and off the screen. BGC does not only include PC games. Among us we cover everything gaming related from board games to just talking about it.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the BGC family, a simian, step by our discord. With enthusiasm and energy we welcome everybody. Come and introduce yourself or just lurk about. There are no set requirements to become one of the simians.

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Multiplayer (FPS)

RPG (Single Player)

Hack and Slash

Battle Royale

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MMO(RPG) – 2022/2023

Mobile – 2022/2023

Action(Shooter) – 2023

Action(RPG) – 2023

Arena Shooter – 2023

MMO Shooter – TBA

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